Stand And Scream

4. prosince 2007 v 17:48 | Kapka |  Texty
My friends
They keep makin´ fun of me
I hide
Behind my insecurities
But I want so bad to them to see
Anything and everything
So I´m not living in a dream

But I
Tuck my little thoughts away
I drive
Far, far, far away
I´m tired of running just to stand in place
I´ve had enough
Of giving up
I need the trenght
To show Your love

´Casu I breathe
Just to shout out
And I live
Just to scream loud
And Your love
It´s here now
And I´m not running ´casue it´s pushed me to the endge

I´m not gonna break
There´s no mistake
I´ve got to stand and scream
Let my voice be heard

Now I´m
Not afraid to tell you what I really think
My life´s
Gotta live the truth that I believe
´Cause I want so bad for you to see
Anything and everything
The grace that owns the heart in me!

Scream loud
Shout out
Oh yeah
I will not live in silence


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