Shake It Off

4. prosince 2007 v 17:16 | Kapka |  Texty
There is no room to breathe
I am under water
I can´t stand to take the heat
And it´s getting hotter
´Cause all that I
Am dying to hold onto
Is slowly dogging me a grave
Gotta get away

Shake it off
Whenever I´m on the edge of giving in
Shake it off
´Cause nothing can keep me down when I´m living in
Love with You
So help me God to
Shake it off
Shake it off

I am under attack
And I´ve had enough
Of all these bricks on my back
So I´m letting go of
All the weight
That I´ve been holding onto
Turn to dust disintegrate
Get away
All this baggage I´ve kept around
Make it shatter on the ground
´Cause all the matters now
Is You!

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