The Beauty of Grace - chords

13. ledna 2007 v 19:20 | Kapka |  Akordy
    AmTell me Gwhy do you Crun 
Amyou say you´re Gso asChamed
bruised and broken
Amthought if i Gfigured Cout
the mess you've Fmade
that i'd Gleave

Cbut anyGwhere you Amare
is never Fto far away
Ctheres freedom Gfrom your Amscars
the misFtakes that you've Emmade..forAmgiven
the Gmemories erased
baby, thats the beauty of Fgrace Am G
Bladeda Fladeda Amda G

tell me what is love
i'll never hold you to
the things you may have done
you say you want new life
in my arms theres mercy
    But anywhere you are… 

so blow a kiss goodbye
to all the pain you hide

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