Lovely traces

8. září 2006 v 22:54 | Kapka |  Texty
I was consumed
By a life that I made
Destined to crash
Beat up and bruised
By the flashbacks of my own past
I tried to hide away
Till I heard you say

Lovely traces fall behind you
Turn around and you will see
Lovely traces to remind you
Everything that you've been through
What it took to get you to me

All my mistakes
Regrettable choices I'd like to forget
But somehow you make
All that I wasted useful again
I thought I fell from grace
But you can't erase


I lost my direction
'Cause I couldn't see
What a beautiful picture
You would complete in me


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1 vevuse vevuse | 29. ledna 2008 v 21:05 | Reagovat

to je krááááááááááááááááááásná písnička

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