Sing For Me

4. července 2006 v 22:50 | Kapka |  Akordy
v originále capo 1
I'm Amsitting on the roof again
CStaring at the stars
FHope flies in the shadows
I Cwonder where you are
Are you Amlistening for my voice
I Cfeel You so close yet You're Ffar away C G

R) EmSing for me Cone more Gsong
EmPlay for me Cone more Gtime
I can Amfeel You though CYou're not Ghere
Am C
Your voice Amwhispers in the Cbreeze
And You Gare Amnear C(to Fme)C G

Through everything around me
I find comfort in You
Through trials and the heartache
Your words, they speak the truth
Lay me down to sleep now
You'll still be on my mind
If I die before I wake
You'd still see through the line

I've been Amwhipped out,
CCut short, Gstopped within my tracks
I've been Amtagged down, Cturned 'round
GLearned to face the facts
I was Amnothing, now Csomething
You're Geverything to me
AmDon't go, Cplease stay
You're Gall that I need
R) 2x

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1 Kapka Kapka | 4. července 2006 v 23:08 | Reagovat

tuhle písničku mam moc ráda, i když smysl nechápu tak úplně

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